We are entrepreneurs looking to acquire and manage a single company we can grow for many years to come. Our best-in-class team of managers and investors has a proven track record of successfully acquiring and growing middle-market businesses.


A Clear Goal

We founded Nemean Capital with the goal of buying a single company that we can operate and grow for many years to come.  We are looking for a high-quality company that fits our criteria and is headquartered within the continental United States.

A Seasoned Team

Nemean Capital is a team of entrepreneurs, operating executives and investors who have acquired and successfully operated leading companies in a variety of industries.  We will leverage that experience when partnering with your existing management team.

A Continued Legacy

We are committed to partnering with business owners to find a ‘win-win’ result. This philosophy extends beyond acquisition, as we will partner with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders to grow your business and honor your legacy.